How to Manage High Volumes of Applications During School Admissions

The admissions season can indeed be a very challenging time in a school’s calendar, especially for a school that receives a flood of admissions applications. It is important to be able to manage a large number of applications effectively and equitably. Starting from the management of application processes to the interaction with prospective students and their families, there are innumerable issues that schools face. Considering the current trends through the use of various online applications and intensification of the admissions process, schools have been forced to develop sound systems and policies. School administrators are able to leverage effective strategies and methodologies during the admission cycle to support increased throughput and efficiency in educational institutions, while also ensuring a positive experience for all.

Implement a Robust Online Application System:

The use of online Free admissions software in the current society cannot be underemphasized given that schools have to respond to increased numbers of applicants. Flexible application, not only represents an application process that is easy to use for students and parents, but also is easy on the admissions and recruitment offices. Be sure to look for a system that allows and provides the means to add application forms, upload documents securely and online payment options. It is also important to know whether the application is real-time, whether it sends notifications, and whether it interfaces with other school management systems.

Develop Clear and Consistent Communication Strategies:

Due to the high numbers in applications, effective communication is integral in managing high volumes of applications. It is advisable for any institute to have practices of effective and efficient communication strategies regarding applicants and their families throughout the admission process. There are times when it is necessary to make important announcements, provide timely updates, and remind the audience about deadlines; therefore, use the email, SMS, social networks, and the website of your school for this purpose. It is advisable to add links to FAQ sessions or live open house tours and webinars for potential students.

Implement Efficient Application Review and Evaluation Processes:

Given the increased number of applications, it might be challenging to come up with a detailed and fair way to check and, in many cases, scrutinize the application accurately. It is, therefore, useful to devise a rating scale or checklist that reflects the admission requirements set by this school so as to avoid favoring or discriminating against certain students. One might consider utilizing methods like automated scoring or ranking to facilitate an initial first pass while still relying on human input for approving the final list.

Leverage Data Analytics and Reporting Tools:

The use of data insights can indeed become significant in the administration of numerous applications. Use data analytics and reporting tools to monitor the success, establish patterns, and enhance the performance in the form of data analytics and reporting tools. Keep track of your applications number as well as other additional data such as the demography, academic background, and any other factors that would help to identify your pool of applicants better. Ensure that the data provided is effectively used to manage available resources, determine weaknesses and strength within the admission process, and to utilize key findings to guide the nature of admission policies and procedures.

Foster Collaboration and Effective Team Management:

Managing high volumes of applications often requires a collaborative effort from various stakeholders within the school. Define clear goals and objectives and facilitate collaboration within the team, making sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the objectives of the admission process. Establish goals and objectives clearly and guide each employee through regular training in order to be ready to deal with the large number of applications.

It is a challenging and time consuming task for any school, college or university to course through the number of applications during high volume application season, but with effective methods and use of free online student information system, this hurdle can easily be overcome. Keep in mind that affiliations often mark the first time a prospective student or families engage with your college so it is very important to leave a favorable first-impression. A high level of management of applications not only makes organizational work effective but also showcase your school’s professionalism, organization, and commitment to excellence.


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