What is UGC Approved Journals?

In order to publish a research, review, or survey paper, you need to submit it to an international journal that has an expert reviewer team that can verify and validate the paper’s content. Young academics who are publishing their articles for the first time need free publications that have been authorized by the UGC. Therefore, searches for free journals that have been recognized by the UGC Approved Journals are quite popular on a variety of search engines. The ABCD site reviewed all of the journals and categorized some of them into the following categories and headings. The choice of each magazine was made with consideration given to the following key considerations:

  • The journal must be indexed in a reliable database (such as UGC, Scopus, SCIE, or ESCI).
  • The journal must be accessible online and must have a current E-ISSN number.
  • The publication process should be presented on the website of the International Journal in a clear and concise manner.
  • Publication price and article processing charge information in its whole need to be made available on the website.
  • In addition, some journals provide this service at no cost, but the acceptance email will inform you that there will be fees for the formatting, English, amount of pages, etc. This is achieved via the comments made by previous writers in journals.

Scholars who are looking for free journal publications that have been authorized by the UGC may directly utilize this directory as a publishing resource, and they can also suggest their friends or colleagues. People who are seeking some paid journals may visit Paid UGC Journal List. According to the criteria outlined in the previous section, free UGC care journals were narrowed down according to the several fields of publishing or study that the team had prioritized.

The publication rates of the free journals on the UGC care list are also quite high among academics. This is due to the fact that high-quality articles have been approved in these journals without the need for references or favoritism. Some of the most prestigious and well-known educational institutions favor the publishing of doctoral researchers’ work in open-access UGC care list journals. It was discovered that scholars and researchers who require academic publishing prefer paid options. However, excellent scholars usually go for publication in UGC free journal list, therefore this list of journals is always in great demand among people.

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