5 Instagram Strategies to Boost Website Traffic and Brand Awareness

Is Instagram part of your marketing strategy? If your answer is “No,” you miss out on a lot. According to the stats from Instagram, 60% of users rely on the platform to research and discover products. So you can imagine the impact it can have on a business. Hence, you might have noticed that brands are now using Instagram as part of the extension of their storefronts. After all, the platforms are helping them to increase their reach beyond local and geographical boundaries. Antares Solutions Inc has different marketing plans that will help in your business growth.

But it is important to have some thoughtful Instagram strategies to make the most of the platform. And this blog is all about that. In this blog, we have listed some brilliant and easy-to-adapt Instagram strategies that might help your business to grow and reach business goals. So without any delays, let’s get into it.

Instagram Marketing Strategies That You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Statista says over 2 billion active users worldwide are on the app. Daily users spend almost 30 minutes on the app. So this is the right time to use Instagram as part of your marketing plan. And here are some useful tips and tricks that can be a great help to your business.

#1 Optimize Your Instagram profile

While using Instagram for marketing, it is important to note that merely creating an Instagram profile is not enough. Many small-scale businesses often make the mistake that they don’t optimize their profile.

To begin with, switch your profile to a business profile. Business profiles have many perks that a normal Instagram account doesn’t have. In simple words, the business profile feature is made especially for the business. It helps to analyze profiles better by providing various tools that provide great insight into the Instagram profile.

And while optimizing, make sure to write a bio that explains what your brand does and how it brings a change in the lives of the consumers. Also, don’t forget to mention the URL of your website, making it easier for your profile visitors to identify your website. It also helps in bringing traffic to your website.

#2 Be regular on the platform

This strategy works for all social media platforms. To break the Instagram algorithm and enhance the reach of your profile, you must stay active on the platform.

Instagram provides ample ways that you can utilize to stay active on the platform. Some easy ways are commenting on your followers’ accounts, posting content, replying to direct messages, contesting polls, and reverting to comments.

All these measures push your profile on an Instagram algorithm and, at the same time, help build a reputation in the market. It shows that you care about your consumers, reply to them, and even provide support.

#3 Embed Instagram Feed On Website

To make the most of Instagram, you must have a robust presence on the platform. That means more people should be aware of your profile, and you should have a substantial follower base.

Having a strong follower base can help you in the long term, as people often judge the quality and reputation of a brand based on its social media presence. And to have a concrete follower base, more people must get to know your brand’s Instagram profile. You can promote your Instagram feed on website by choosing to embed Instagram Widget on website. Ample tools like social media aggregators help you in this cause. It can also help you to get more views on your posts, and if your website visitors like your content, they can even follow you there.

Also another amazing aspect of this strategy is that Instagram content makes your website more lively and visually appealing. That eventually makes you stand out from the crowd and helps build brand recognition.

#4 Post content regularly

One of the major methods to stay active on the platform is posting content regularly. And regularly, it doesn’t mean that you overdo it and overwhelm your followers. The best measure is to maintain a schedule and stick to it.

Don’t miss out on posting during public holidays, occasions, and festivals, as you can expect great traffic on social media during these times, and it is more likely that more people will view your content.

#5 Post contents With Different Variations

With Instagram, you keep your viewers engaged and keep them entertained. Instagram allows you to vary as you have ample ways to express and post your content.

You can post traditional content, that is, images or post video content. But we recommend you use Instagram reels as your content. Instagram provides a great boost to the reel content. Moreover, it is quite popular amongst users nowadays.

You can also use the Instagram Story feature for posting content or promoting any sales and upcoming products. Instagram stories stay on the top of the feed, and it is more likely that your followers will go through the content while surfing their Instagram.

Ending Note

Instagram is one of the prominent social media platforms and has a significant influence; using it as part of your marketing campaign can provide excellent results. The tips mentioned above are some of the brilliant Instagram strategies you can implement now and expect some favourable results.

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