Best Macaron Packaging Ideas With Custom Macaron Boxes

After preparing delicious macarons, the perseveration of the quality of macarons is the more important thing. Maintaining the quality and increasing the shelf life of macarons is not a difficult task. The utilization of custom macaron boxes can help you fulfill both of the objectives in an easy way.

Want to know how? Let’s dive into those packaging ideas!

How to Maintain Freshness of Macarons?

Professional bakeries always use ice packs to keep the macarons fresh, especially when they ship macarons from one point to other. Ice packs keep macarons at a cool temperature that helps in preventing the factors that can harm the macarons. Naturally, the fragrance, taste, and color remain more stable in cool temperatures as compared to the warm environment. That’s why you should also keep your macarons at a cool temperature to increase their shelf life.

What is the Average Shelf Life of Macarons?

The shelf life of macarons depends on the environment you choose to keep them, and their shelf life varies from 7 days to 7 weeks. As stated above, a cool temperature is more reliable for food products as compared to a hot temperature. Similarly, keeping macarons at ambient temperature results in  7 days of shelf life of macarons, and their shelf life increases to 7 weeks when they are kept at a cool temperature.

Cookies makers also prepare macarons even three days before they offer them in the market. However, they always use refrigerators to keep their macarons fresh and safe. Keeping macarons in refrigerators is the best common practice used in homes and also on a larger scale. You can also try other methods, but the main objective must be a cool temperature to avoid macaron quality spillage.

How do You Ship Macarons?

Shipping macarons are not difficult but they need careful preparation due to their fragile nature. A little mistake can result in a big disaster because macarons are always vulnerable to many factors that can disturb or even spoil the quality macarons. Heat, direct sunlight, absence of air, and dust are the main causes of the spoilage of macarons. However, some careful considerations can help you avoid these misadventures while shipping macarons from your bakery point to other.

Here are our two recommendations to adopt for the safety of macarons:

  • Use High-Quality Packaging

Packing macarons in good quality boxes can avoid many problems related to macarons’ destruction. After all, the protection of products is the ultimate goal of custom kraft macaron boxes. However, there is much to consider when you are shipping your macarons from one place to other. You may already know the three levels of packaging that many product owners utilize, especially when they ship their macarons from one place to other. You may also need to use them depending on the need for macarons shipments.

  • Ensure a Cool Environment

As stated before, temperature plays an important role in the survival of food products, especially macarons. Therefore, you should never ignore or forget to keep your macarons at the recommended temperature. For example, if you are shipping your macarons products from one place to other in a container, ensure to use refrigerated containers.

It is not the only temperature that you should simply think about; rather dust and direct sunlight can also cause the quality disturbance of macarons. So, we recommend you transport your macarons when they are fully sealed. Completely sealed macarons with high-quality custom macaron boxes can help you prevent the dust and external elements that can disturb the quality of macarons.

How to Order High-Quality Custom Macaron Boxes?

Getting high-quality macaron boxes is not a difficult task; however, it is important for you to choose the best quality material for your macaron boxes. You are already familiar with the utilization of ideal packaging for your products and brands. So, if you make up your mind to order macaron boxes for your macarons, you must ensure the protection and promotional aspect of your boxes.

Luckily, many well-known packaging companies provide you with the facility of customization, free design support, and much more. All you have to do is just to contact them and inform them about your packaging objectives and needs. Meanwhile, you can ask them for unique external and eternal designs of your boxes that represent and promote your brand’s identity.


Maintaining the freshness of macarons is the ultimate need of the time after preparing your delicious macarons. The shelf life of macarons varies from 7 days to 7 weeks, depending on the choice of packaging and environment. Custom Kraft macaron boxes provide the best protection to your delicious macarons when you store or transport them. You need to ensure the best packaging with custom kraft boxes and the coolest temperature. That’s how you can safely store and ship your macarons from your bakery point to your customers.

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