Granny Annexes: From Elderly Accommodation to Multi-Use Living Solutions

Technically, granny flats or mother-in-law suites are small, detached or attached dwellings designed for the use of elderly or disabled family members. They were made for grandparents and other elderly relatives or anyone else in the family who might need their own space but still have access to the help they need.

The structures can be attached to an existing house or constructed as a freestanding garden outbuilding, and they can be designed to complement the main house’s aesthetic.

Granny annexes are a convenient option for families who want to give their elderly relatives a safe and secure place to live without taking away their autonomy. They can also save money compared to a nursing home and give seniors the security of living in close proximity to loved ones. Now, of course, their application has broadened, as we’ll see below.

The function of granny flats has developed over the years.

When they were first built, granny flats were meant for grandparents and other elderly relatives. Today, however, people are using them for a wide range of purposes, such as:

  1. Extra living space: Those working from home or with expanding families find that granny flats provide the perfect solution for additional living space.
  2. Rentable space: Some homeowners are capitalising on the growing demand for granny flats by renting out their extra space (subject to permissions).
  3. Independent living for young adults: Granny flats are becoming more popular as a way for young adults to keep some independence while still living close to their families.
  4. Accommodation for live-in caregivers: Live-in carers are another common occupant of granny flats; they are able to provide round-the-clock care to a family member who is elderly or disabled.

The adaptability of granny flats has made them a popular choice for many different situations and ways of life. For many households, granny flats are a sensible and affordable option, whether for additional living space, rental income, or a senior’s desire for autonomy.

Let’s look at some of the standard amenities in Modern Garden Rooms’ high-end granny flats.

The granny flats provided by Modern Garden Rooms:

  • have excellent scope for customisation,
  • are perfect for use throughout the year,
  • come at an affordable price.


We design and construct granny flats with kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas for the elderly or disabled. You can customise the look of your garden shed to some extent however you like. You get to choose whether to have a lot of extra storage sheds, a few, or none at all, as well as how big, how many, and where they go. Technical details (planning the plumbing and heating systems and linking the granny flat to the main house’s utilities) are best left to professionals, so you’ll have to trust us with those.

Year-round use

In this respect, we are unique among our competitors. During the colder months, your garden granny flat will be nice and toasty thanks to the thermally efficient materials we use. We realise that purchasing a garden annexe is a significant financial commitment, so we take extra care to ensure that yours will serve you well for many years to come. A granny flat is backed by a 10-year guarantee on the structure and the high-quality materials used to construct it.

Starting price of £12,500

Size, design, and location are all key considerations that influence how much it will cost to build an annexe. Considering everything that comes standard with a Modern Garden Room garden annexe, the starting price of £12,500 is a steal. Additionally, you can raise your home’s value. Including a garden flat on your property and furnishing it with the right amenities can boost your home’s value by as much as 20%. Since they can be used in various ways, they are a wise investment.

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