How to Become a Guest Post Contributor to Websites and Blogs

The great thing about thinking leadership lies in the fact that it creates credibility and trust are at the core of it. You can’t just declare yourself as a thought leader and expect other people to consider yourself one. You need to produce high-quality content that is reliable and packed with valuable advice. Additionally, you must to keep doing it regularly.

The idea of writing for your company’s blog is fantastic however, if you want your ideas to get noticed by the masses and gain credibility, you should include a guest contributor strategy in your overall content marketing plan. This involves contributing guest posts to other sites, so that you can present your company’s name in front of an entirely new audience and establish yourself as an authority in your subject.

In studies conducted done by LinkedIn and Edelman 55% of respondents reported using the power of thought to assess companies who they might hire and 60% reported that the influence of thought leadership led to purchasing an item or service that they had not previously considered. However, gaining the credibility of a third party which comes from submitting to reliable online publications takes the effort of a professional and a tried-and-true method.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to help take you one step closer to becoming a guest post contributor.

Prepare Your Pitch Email

The process of pitching a guest article is the same as pitching other pieces of writing. It is important to be aware of the person you are pitching to and make sure you optimize your pitch to make sure it isn’t overlooked.

Your outreach email must include all the important elements of a pitch that will be successful:

  • A strong subject line.
  • An engaging intro.
  • A outline the content of your essay.
  • What will your article say to the readers of the publication.

In the event that you’re pitching an concept in lieu of a particular item, present it as clearly and succinctly as you can. Be sure to explain why it’s suitable for the audience they are targeting and why it’s unique as well as top-quality. Be willing to collaborate and are flexible by concluding your pitch with a statement that you’re willing to hear feedback or suggestions.

A word of advice Be sure to research a subject or idea prior to making your pitch to ensure your pitch is unique. It doesn’t have to be an unheard-of concept, but in order to establish genuine theoretic leadership and to make sure that your pitch is noticed you’ll need to present something unique.

Blog Swaps

You should also be providing blogs swaps to different brands that have similar audience. Blog swaps are as simple like they sound. It’s when you offer an article for a different brand to post on their website and they can do the same thing for you. This proves to external publication that you’re experienced in writing content with specific rules in your mind and also that you’re no novice to addressing the demands of other readers and publications. Also, you never know where the perfect guest post opportunity is likely to be. By ensuring other avenues for publishing content you are giving you a greater chances of connecting with the right company.

Carefully Online Publications You Want to Contribute To

To fully realize the potential for thought leadership being a guest contributor you need an audience who is in a position to locate you. Making pitches without giving any thought of who’s interested in it and what kinds of issues they’re facing is not a good idea for all. Instead, do your study and pitch publications that are relevant to your particular industry. These are the publications you’re reading and you’re most qualified in contributing.

Guest content is a great high-quality content that’s also a great way to generate leads for your business. For the most effective quality leads, the ones which are likely to require your services, you must to contribute to publications that your target audience is engaged with.

Create and Publish Your Content

Because both you and the rest of your staff run your blog, it’s the most efficient way to share your thoughts and ideas and ideas, so get started. To ensure that you’ve got an ongoing flow of published content, you should create an editorial calendar which contains the various themes dates, times, and stages the article will be in. This will also keep your employees accountable, ensuring that you don’t have months of inconsistency between every published article.

It is important to also mix it up. Include webinars, guides as well as other types of content, so that you can eventually showcase to other publications the diversity of your work. The proof that you are able to create various types of content will assist in satisfying any specific demands they might have.

Follow Up

Editors are humans. When they are busy, it’s easy for things to be lost in the shuffle and that includes your pitch. Do not hound editors, but make sure you follow up promptly. Be careful not to appearing rude or irritable. Make sure to check in to confirm that they have received your message and inquire whether they have any concerns. If you’ve sent several of follow-up emails and haven’t received any response then it’s probably the right time to go on.

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