How do process mining and task mining work?

Numerous organizations are realizing that to fully reap the benefits of Intelligent Automation, they must also unify and improve their processes. As more and more companies work to implement it at an operational level. Since more businesses look to use advanced intelligent automation on an enterprise-wide scale, most are realizing that to truly benefit from efficiency and productivity, companies also need to standardize and enhance their procedures.

The need for enhanced technologies like Task Mining and Process Mining is being driven by this revelation.  Though, what exactly are these two technologies, and how do they differ? Or how do you refer process mining vs task mining?

Process mining vs Task mining?

So whenever it refers to process mining vs task mining, there’s a significant amount of confusion because the majority of process mining suppliers offer (or claim to offer) task mining solutions as well and have been using both terms interchangeably. Additionally, both of these mining methods complement one another in terms of the result and aid in the performance and optimization of companies.


Data Mining in Business Analytics


Growth Factor for Task Mining vs Process Mining

Among the key factors influencing the development of mining technology is the need for digital transformation in understanding and evaluating business operations. Both process and task mining have expanded as a result of the development of techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automated robotic processes. Thus, there is a high need for task and process mining software such as Optimus hive software.

Additionally, partnerships between business apps including process analytics as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP) have increased task-level automation deployment and are accelerating future market growth. The epidemic has hastened the requirement for technological and process change.

Task mining follows process mining

Task mining works at a workstation level to identify and evaluate the activities that users undertake among participating in enterprise-level processes and Process mining, is a powerful technique for acquiring insights into extensive enterprise activities.


This highlights automation potential that would be overlooked if Process Mining were used in isolation. Since task mining possibilities are typically shorter and simpler than those discovered by process mining algorithms, they are excellent candidates for citizen developers. Let’s examine why it is superior to process mining now:


What is the Difference Between Task Mining vs Process Mining? - Optimus Hive


  • Businesses may measure KPIs for certain, frequently ignored jobs by using task mining.
  • Organizations may monitor job efficiency and make data-driven choices about process optimization while assuring enhanced legality by evaluating user interaction data.
  • Organizations are now better able than ever to identify automation possibilities because of the strength and capabilities of task mining.
  • Easy identification of mechanical, repetitive, and error-prone operations creates the perfect framework for automation.

Process mining and task mining methods perform together to position your company for achievement. As was said above, each strategy has its area of application and unique skills. However, it’s crucial to note that when compared to process mining, task mining faces higher contemporary workplace concerns around individual space and confidentiality. Additionally, process mining is far more sophisticated than task mining in terms of conducting processes.

Which is better for oneself: task mining or process?

Since that we have been aware of how task mining & process mining vary from one another. What type of technology is best for my organization is the following query. Should one use process mining or task mining?

There isn’t a simple solution to this. Both mining techniques give measurable advantages and can help with higher-level results like boosted productivity and automation. There must be various use cases for task mining and process mining that might assist you in selecting the best mining technology.


Qué es Task Mining? La Minería de Tareas al detalle


Process mining may be employed if your major objective is to discover, keep track of, and optimize all of your company processes. If learning how things are done at business is your objective. Task mining is indeed the ideal solution if you want to increase labor productivity and explore further automation options.


Since both task and process mining have advantages and disadvantages. Together, they offer incredibly precise insights into any organization’s operations & give businesses the most comprehensive picture of how their processes function, taking into account all the extra actions that don’t produce log data, such as checking a mail or reviewing a worksheet.

Respectively task and process mining must be utilized in a solid process business transformation enabling scaling automation plus continuously improving processes. Hybrid Process mining can be used in this situation. Within that overall Process workflow Discovery capacity, it integrates both processes as well as Task Mining. Also with help of Process Mining capabilities, the most comprehensive and cutting-edge data-driven analytics may be provided across a variety of lenses by combining task imaging systems using Event/Application logs. This gives a thorough grasp of the procedure as it is right now and creates a baseline measure or signature about any particular step inside the organization.


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