Is Mold Present In Your Medical Cannabis?

It’s no secret that the Medical Cannabis industry is booming. With new laws passing and more people seeking treatment for their chronic illnesses, we’re seeing an increase in demand for our product–molded from spores found naturally within dirt.

As with any plant material ventilation must be increased when cultivating outdoors or near windows since these types of environments contribute extra moisture which can lead to mold growth if not controlled properly by using humidity tent systems during production.

There are many dispensaries in Florida, so it’s not just isolated to one or two of them. They handle the problem differently which sets them apart from others

The cannabis industry is hot right now and there’s no telling how high prices will go! But what you need when buying pot isn’t always enough money especially if dealers want extra cash instead something else valuable like jewelry. 

In case of any issues with your MMJ, always consult with marijuana doctor immediately. 

Growth Process 

As a result of how sick these patients are, the MMTC might realize it ahead and not sell them their batch. You hope that’s not true since we’re dealing with immune-compromised individuals who can’t handle fungal infections like cancer or diabetes that require stronger measures in order for treatments to work effectively on your body.

Fortunately third party testing has become mandatory here which ensures safety standards won’t be compromised by those running drug marketplaces. Whereas knowing the difference between mold and fungus can be difficult, it’s important to note that if you see anything abnormal on your weed don’t use it. 

The combustion process of smoking will not kill spores or turn a good amount into edibles; this means there could still potentially harmful molds present which would make them unsafe for consumption. The customer should contact the dispensary as soon as possible, and if necessary return or exchange their product. 

In some cases dispensaries will provide an extra discount on top of a refund for any inconvenience caused because this is something that could have been avoided had they exercised proper hygiene when preparing your medicine.

What Are The Characteristics That Identify Moldy Medicines?

Mold, whether it be on a tile or in your house for that matter can easily identified with the help of special tools. The best way to tell if you have an issue would be looking at these spore characteristics under black lights; they will typically turn green when exposed to light.

Moldy medicines smell moldy, urine-ish and have an ammonia like scent. They may also appear to be white or gray in color before you realize they’re black spots on the surface.

 The only way for you to test if these items are safe would be with a special type of light that glows green when exposed too long so don’t use your regular household bulbs because they won’t show any signs unless we want them too.

Patients who are predisposed to getting sick from inhaling mold can experience anything from a light headedness, nausea or vomiting all the way up to severe respiratory issues. If you think that your symptoms match those mentioned above then don’t panic.

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The vast majority of people will be able to handle themselves without any problems but some may find it more difficult than others and should consult their physician about what steps need to be taken next.


Coughing, shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms are not just a cold or flu. They’re also caused by viruses like bronchitis which can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) if left untreated for long periods at time.

The good news is that there’s hope that many types have been found to have reversible causes including allergies; however vaccines aren’t available yet so make sure you get vaccinated now before your next routine check up with us here soon enough. Visit this Boca Raton MMJ clinic to know more about marijuana. 

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