Is the Jackpot Yantra a Scam? Don’t Bet on It!

No one likes being called a scam, but many people who have been scammed might be thinking that at least they’re better off than those poor folks who fell for the Jackpot Yantra scam. Well, think again! The word scam comes from the word confidence, and the best scams are ones you don’t even realize you’ve fallen for until it’s too late and you don’t know where to turn. Is the Jackpot Yantra a scam?

The creator of this game, John Prudhomme, made millions with the lottery

After 15 years of struggling to make ends meet, John Prudhomme decided he had had enough. With two kids, including one with special needs, and his wife about to have another baby, he could no longer afford to provide for his family. He chose to take matters into his own hands. He set out to find a way that would enable him to go back and claim those prizes (in this case referring to the Canadian lottery) without having any upfront costs involved. This is how he came up with The Jackpot Yantra. So what is it exactly?

A normal slot machine costs $150k while this one costs less than $10k

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make big bucks, then listen up. With this incredible new machine, all you need is a smartphone and five bucks for the chance to get rich. Think about it: On average, slot machines cost $150,000-$250,000 each. But that’s not even close to what you’ll pay with the jackpot yantra. All that’s needed to win is $5 (plus mobile phone). Oh yeah – and an idea of how to use it. You don’t have to be tech savvy to know how to operate a phone these days. The best part is that you can pick from three different types of bets: one dollar, two dollars or three dollars. You decide which type will suit your budget best.

Does it rely on chance or are there skills involved in winning?

The game of poker is one that relies on skill and chance. However, the player always has to make his best efforts in order to win. Likewise, though this casino game relies heavily on chance, there are some skills involved in winning. First off, it is important for players to be aware of what kind of power ups they will have access to during gameplay. Some power ups give you more chances or make it easier for you to connect with other players. Another skill-involved element is paying attention to different symbols so that you can predict which ones will appear before they do (and therefore increase your chances). Other than this, as mentioned earlier, luck is ultimately going to play a major role in how well someone does when playing the Jackpot Yantra.

$3 Million Bets Won by Jackpot Yantra Customers

Lottery players who play with the Jackpot Yantra feel like they have the best chance of winning. Though this may seem like it’s too good to be true, consider these statistics: According to their website, as of June 6th, 2015, people have won $3 million dollars in total betting with their system; in just 24 hours they made $2.5 million dollars in bets that they guaranteed had an 80% chance of winning. On top of that, many of their customers have posted testimonies praising its reliability and stating that it works time and time again without fail.

Where to Buy One and How Much is it?

Jackpot Yantra is available from many online retailers and comes in at around $50.00. Although, if you are someone who is adverse to purchasing things online, then your local occult shop may have some options as well. The cost of Jackpot Yantra varies by retailer because not all shops charge a flat rate for their products. Overall, I feel like this money spent would be worth it because there are so many benefits that come with using the artifact that could very well help bring peace and prosperity into your life in ways you may never have imagined before. If you purchase one, I hope that it can be used to help elevate your spiritual beliefs in everyday life and lead to greater happiness and success on a day-to-day basis.

Testimonials of other players who won.

I don’t know how to thank the man who’s saved my life. I really was at rock bottom and struggling to get back on my feet when I heard about this awesome new system called Jackpot Yantra. And boy, am I glad that I did because it has totally changed my life for the better. Not only have I made some serious cash, but I also feel like I’ve got my self-confidence back. I can now look forward to living a happy and successful life. Thank you so much for everything, Jackpot Yantra!

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