Southbridge Legal: DMCC, Managing Partners, Profitable Business Ideas (2024)

Southbridge Legal offers clients a comprehensive set of legal services, from estate planning and probate to litigation. In addition, Southbridge Legal also provides tax services for both individuals and businesses.

Southbridge Legal has an experienced team of business law attorneys. Not only are these knowledgeable and compassionate, but their experience sets them apart.

What is Southbridge Legal?

Southbridge Legal is a trademark law firm dedicated to helping businesses secure their brand. They offer services like clearance searches, infringement assessments, and registration as well as USPTO office action responses, litigation support, and use defense. Their nationwide reach allows them to assist companies of all kinds.

Penn South’s privatization vote could have serious ramifications for New York City’s affordable housing programs and could cost 1,651 permanent middle-income units that cannot be replaced. Furthermore, Southbridge Rights may have employed tactics targeting elderly residents and illegal subletters in order to influence voting patterns – according to some shareholders who claim that Southbridge Rights is using these strategies to control voting processes and influence results.

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Who are Southbridge Legal’s Managing Partners?

Southbridge Legal’s managing partners, Steven Soltau, and Shannon Foote, possess extensive retail leasing and development expertise. Soltau has worked for Target Corporation and General Growth where he identified new store locations as well as handled mall lease negotiations; currently, he oversees project activity at Southbridge Legal’s regional shopping center project of 500,000 square feet located in Southbridge Massachusetts.

Foote is an experienced litigator, handling complex civil litigation ranging from business and contract disputes, bankruptcy adversary proceedings, product liability actions, toxic tort lawsuits, and fiduciary and estate matters. She serves as a partner in our Norfolk office. Representing clients before federal and state courts throughout Virginia and DC; taking over 100 cases to verdict!

What is Southbridge Legal’s NAICS code?

Southbridge Legal’s NAICS code is 541110. This four-digit number identifies businesses that provide law office services, similar to how SIC codes (Standard Industrial Classification) identify industry groups. Both codes can be used for statistical data analysis and government reporting; additionally, the IRS uses them to audit companies that claim tax deductions that don’t match up with others within their sector.

Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC can assist in challenging an NAICS code assigned to your business that is too high or unsuitable. We can evaluate your chances of success, draft an appeal brief backed up with legal research, and advocate on your behalf for your desired code.

What is Southbridge Legal’s official website?

Southbridge Legal’s official website can be found at and offers useful information regarding its practice areas, office location, and fee schedule; as well as attorney profiles which contain biographical, educational, and training details about each member of staff. Get in touch with us to receive a customized quote for your company formation in Dubai.

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Top 5 Profitable Ideas For Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai is an attractive option for entrepreneurs seeking to start businesses due to its convenient location, bustling economy, and business-friendly policies; however, finding profitable ideas for business setup in Dubai may prove challenging.

Conduct a market analysis to gauge demand for your business idea and consider various Free Zones and mainland jurisdictions available for setting up in Dubai.

1. Apparel Business

Dubai, as a global trading hub, presents an attractive market for textile business investors. Thanks to its open trade policies and well-off consumer base, this emirate is the ideal location for textile investment opportunities.

Physical clothing stores allow businesses to build trust with customers by engaging with them directly but require higher initial investments and ongoing operating costs, including utilities and rent payments. Still, their flexibility and scope will allow for long-term profitability.

2. Entertainment Business

Owning an entertainment business in Dubai can be both lucrative and fulfilling, offering numerous opportunities to entrepreneurs. This sector is growing at a staggering rate, providing new challenges as it matures.

E-commerce businesses in Dubai can be another promising area for business ventures to explore, with high revenue potential as people increasingly turn to online shopping for goods.

Education businesses such as training centers, schools and tutoring services in Dubai enjoy tremendous growth as children increasingly turn towards alternative methods of educating themselves.

3. Healthcare Business

Healthcare business industries are among the most profitable. People are growing more concerned with their health, driving up demand for healthcare services. The UAE offers an ideal location for starting up healthcare businesses – 100% foreign ownership is permitted while there are no income or corporate taxes payable and customs duties do not apply.

Launch a healthcare consulting or advisory firm to assist hospitals and clinics with investment decisions, or launch a healthcare data analytics company to manage patient information and enhance healthcare quality.

Dubai has prioritized healthcare investments and encourages investments in this sector. When setting up your business in Dubai, always consult legal and business experts knowledgeable of its processes for business setup.

4. Property Management Business

Real estate investment opportunities exist in Dubai due to investment-friendly regulations and open economic frameworks, making the property management business an enticing venture. You could earn significant profits from renting out properties to tenants.

Food delivery service businesses in Dubai are an attractive business idea to start up, due to changing consumer behaviors brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and rising preference for online shopping. You can start this venture with relatively minimal capital outlay and reap great returns – however, before setting up such an operation in Dubai you must register it and meet other regulatory requirements first.

5. Bakery Business

Ownership of a bakery business offers many advantages, from reduced overhead costs and being responsive to customer feedback, to marketing your products and services through local events. But to remain profitable a detailed business plan must be created and followed closely – adhering to your budget.

Select the Appropriate Legal Structure

Establishing the ideal legal structure for your bakery business in Dubai is an integral element to its success. It will determine its tax obligations, operations and financial requirements.

Consult a legal professional to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each structure. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with employment and labor laws so as to provide your employees with a safe working environment.

6. Florist Business

Owning a florist business can be an excellent way to generate an excellent source of income. Floristry businesses tend to thrive during holidays, summer vacations and special events, making them ideal choices for entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on seasonal demand.

Floristry business ownership in Dubai brings many advantages. Being one of the world’s premier tourist spots makes reaching out to an audience easier; additionally, Dubai’s infrastructure makes opening and running floral shops straightforward for entrepreneurs looking for success.

Additionally, online flower shop businesses are exempt from personal or company taxes, enabling owners to save more money for growing their online flower store.


DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre)

DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) is the world’s premier free trade zone and commodity center for gold, diamonds, silver, agro commodities, halal products, base metals, and related services. Offering a vibrant new ecosystem tailored for innovators – filled with established/new companies/entrepreneurs as well as best-in-class infrastructure in Jumeirah Lake Towers of Dubai – and recognized three years in a row by Financial Times FDI magazine as ‘Global Free Zone of the Year’ for excellence for excellence; located minutes from excellent air/sea/road links around the globe!

A DMCC license grants you the power to pursue any activity specified by an investor at registration time, whether that be trading, setting up an exchange for currencies (crypto included) and commodities, providing database management solutions based on blockchain technology, or providing any ancillary solutions based on blockchain. A limited liability company (LLC) is required by law in this zone of operation.


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