Techniques and Advice for Computer Troubleshooting

Try these recommendations first before calling computer or laptop repair Malad professionals if you’re experiencing computer issues or are considering doing it yourself.

Restart the computer.

Get into the practice of rebooting your computer at least once every day on a regular basis – Ideally, reset it daily. Simply close all running program, pick Restart from the drop-down option that appears when you click the Start icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Being unable to exit or hide programs

Are there any programs on your computer that are frozen on your screen, doing nothing, and that you are unable to close or hide?

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Think about the following

Press the “del” key to close the programme while keeping the “ctrl” and “alt” keys depressed. This will cause the Task Manager window to show up. Select the app that isn’t responding from the list of active programmes displayed under the Applications tab. Select “Finish Task” to finish the assignment. This method usually works, allowing you to uninstall the apps that aren’t responding even if it can take a few tries to get the computer to reply. Restart your PC after that.

Crashing computer

If your computer is stuck or frozen, neither the keyboard nor the mouse will work, and you are unable to even shut it off, you can try the following procedures. Press the reset button, which is typically located on the front of the computer close to the power button, to restart your computer. Turn off the power, wait about 30 seconds, and then turn it back on if that isn’t an option or doesn’t work. If pressing the power button normally does not compel the computer to shut down, you can also press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Disconnect the computer from the power supply if it still doesn’t operate.

The laptop computer won’t turn on

Sometimes a notebook computer’s integrated power management system gets confused and won’t turn on. To restart the computer, unplug the laptop’s battery and power adapter cord. Continually depress the power button for 10 seconds. Check to check if the computer boots up by merely connecting the power adapter. Reconnect the battery and try restarting the device if everything seems to be in working order. The battery may be faulty if there are issues when it is inserted.


Whenever your Laptop is connected to the internet like Cox internet, the updates will pop up on the taskbar. Make sure your Windows operating system is routinely updated.

Regularly update your antivirus program. Ensure that your antivirus program is current. As far as possible, you should schedule them to run automatically on a weekly basis. When you first open your antivirus program, check for live updates or auto-updates. Simply click on it and run it to use it. By doing this, you may be confident that your computer is shielded against the newest infections.


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Make sure to run a malware and virus check on your computer at least once per week. To do this, go to Start > All Programs > and choose your antivirus program’s icon. On the menu bar, look for the Full Scan option. Rescan after eliminating all potential viruses. Bring your computer in as soon as you can for a checkup if the same virus keeps attacking it. It’s likely that your antivirus program is either ineffective or broken. Regular usage of your antivirus program should be scheduled; once per week should be plenty.

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