The procedure for performing Griha Pravesh Puja in 2022

People perform the Grihapravesh or Puja ceremony at their newly renovated or new homes before finally house shifting. It removes negative energy and bad omens, replacing them with good health, prosperity, and happiness. When performing the Griha Pravesh Puja, the most popular rituals are New Home Vastu Puja (and Hawan). These rituals ensure that the family and individual bring harmony and peace to their new home.

The following steps will help you perform the Griha Pravesh Puja 2022

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We must follow these steps to perform the Griha Pravesh Pooja. We will now take a look at how to make this tradition successful.

Griha Pravesh – An Auspicious Date

In order to follow the Hindu tradition of entering a home on auspicious dates, one must first find griha pravesh muhurat in 2022. These data are derived from the Hindu calendar (also known as Panchang). According to the belief, prosperity and good luck will come to those who live within the four lunar months. These are Magha, Phalguna Baisakh, Jyeshta and Baisakh. These are the auspicious dates.

Decoration Matters

According to Hindu tradition, people decorate their homes with fresh marigold flowers or mango leaves when a ritual is being performed. This decoration is believed to bring positivity and luck to the home. The ladies decorate the house with Rangoli while they wait. The divine energy is attracted to it to bring joy to their family.

Performing New Home Vastu Puja

A priest will recite several mantras before you enter the new home. These mantras are used to invoke blessings that will help people live happier, healthier life. The ritual of breaking an ash-gourd or coconut is also followed by people. It is performed by the head of the family and left in front of the house.

Kalash Puja

You will need a copper pot to perform Kalash Puja. You will need to fill it with water, various grains, and a coin. Next, place a coconut with red cloth wrapped on it. The copper pot is carried inside the house by the head of each family member (man or woman). The priest will ask them to place their right foot first when they enter the house. The copper pot or Kalash can then be kept in the Havana area.

Performing Havana Shanti

This fire ritual is performed according to Hindu tradition. It purports to remove sins from new house construction such as digging, stone breaking and tree cutting. During Havana Shanti, many people worship Lord Ganesha. It purifies the home and removes negativity. To ensure financial success, Goddess Lakshmi can also be worshiped. Havana Shanti is a collection of offerings to the sacred fire, such as milk, ghee, and turmeric.

Boiling milk

The lady of the household takes care of boiling the milk when performing the Havana Shanti ceremony. To signify that there should always be abundance and prosperity within the family, she would allow it to spill.

Offer a meal to the priest

Following the Griha Pravesh ceremony is over, priests and other members of the community are invited to eat.

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Presence of other

The new house owners offer overnight accommodation to the guests who have arrived on an auspicious day at Griha Pravesh Puja. The house owners must ensure that the oil lamp is lit. This signifies that the house is filled with divine energy and positive vibes.

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