Top Architectural Software Programs to Keep in Consideration

The architecture was once regarded as an ancient sort of work. Today it is controlled and dominated by documents, drawn, written, and printed. Technological evolution has fortunately sidestepped the method of pen and paper for work as the whole architectural documents batch can be made and modified digitally.

Architectural development is a complicated process that covers multiple and various stages of modeling and has quite a lot of software solutions for various purposes and objectives. Hence choosing the correct architectural software is not an easy job.

This is the reason that industry experts and experienced professionals have decided to compile a list of the top architecture software which is key to the success of the construction industry.

What benefits does architectural software bring?

Architectural design software is a major contributor to the way the construction industry thrived and how civil engineering evolved. This paved the way for bigger and better projects with more advanced details leading to creation and management of unique structures and projects. Here are key benefits of such software:

  •       Higher accuracy of drawings in comparison to traditional methods.
  •       It can create and replicate 3D drawings easily.
  •       Helps in easy sharing of data on a whole.
  •       Simplified usage of data.
  •       Drawings are hence harder to damage or destroy when they are digitised.
  •       Provides higher accessibility and access to cloud storage too.

At the same time, it would also be fair to mention numerous issues which architecture-based software have in them as they are part of technology. Most of them are almost impossible to fix. Best is to get used to them. Here are the issues lingering in them:

  •       Expensive costs of purchasing and maintaining the software.
  •       Numerous disadvantages in computers due to susceptibility to virus attacks, cyber-attacks, software and hardware instability, crashes and the like.
  •       Such software can at times be hard to learn and get used to.

In this matter, CAD is a software which turned out to be quite useful for architects all over the world. This offers them numerous benefits and users whether it is easier communication, improved collaboration between an architect and other key participants in a project, quicker and efficient drawing plus an improved way of presenting outcomes to stakeholders.

BIM and CAD – how useful are they?

Before choosing between BUM and CAD, the difference between both software needs to be understood as both are market leaders.

CAD solutions are used for making accurate representations of designs and ideas of detailed three-dimensional renderings and models whilst BIM is used for filling those models with information like HVAC, wiring, material expenses, ventilation systems, plumbing and the like.

In fact, BIM is usually a connection between the construction process and CAD as it makes the most of the accuracy of design aided by computers, and applies that very connection to real life specifications and architectural dimensions.

BIM is capable of conducting a wide range of functions which are not necessarily related to architecture. In one way, it is able to improve workflow helping teams with visualizing projects and to an extent, providing a solution which solves issues. Does it lead to any construction claims? Experts believe otherwise.

What factors need consideration before choosing an architectural software program?

Several different factors need to be taken in consideration when selecting a specific architectural software solution. These factors are:

  •       Personal preferences.
  •       Industry standards.
  •       Difficulty in working with the software.
  •       The current hardware.
  •       Software’s capability and price.
  •       With what hardware is that software compatible with?

BUIM and CAD are no doubt the cream of architectural software. But it takes a lot of time, money and resources in getting the job done right. Moreover, it is also worth checking whether or not this software is compatible on computers and mobile devices.


Nevertheless, let us have a very good look at that very software:

  •       FreeCAD.
  •       SketchUp.
  •       Revizto.
  •       TAD.
  •       Concept3D.
  •       LUMION11.
  •       MicroStation.
  •       CATIA.
  •       Cedreo.
  •       Shapespark.


Architectural software is indeed a blessing but selecting it should be done carefully because not all software is the same. Also, not all computer software systems are the same so companies need to be careful. Needless to say, experts of Quantum analysis Dubai also recommend choosing architectural software carefully.