Ways To Get A Quick Personal Loan Stress-Free

Personal Loans are unsecured loans offered to individuals by banks, NBFCs, and digital lending platforms. There is a dedicated process for acquiring a Personal Loan in India. From submitting the loan application to waiting for approval, there are several steps for obtaining a loan. 

However, individuals can find themselves in scenarios where they need instant loans. Instant Personal Loans are required to meet urgent financial obligations like education fees, medical bills, or home renovation. Let us explore ways to get instant Personal Loans in India.

 Choose a digital lending platform

Traditional banks take more time to approve a Personal Loan application. They usually don’t offer easy Personal Loans and spend more time reviewing the loan application. As a result, loan applicants might have to visit the physical bank several times to acquire a Personal Loan. Not to forget, people often stand in queues to get a loan from a physical bank.

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Instead of relying on a traditional bank, individuals can choose a digital lending platform to get instant Personal Loans. A reliable NBFC allows checking the loan eligibility criteria and can help submit the loan application online. From checking the credit score to filling out the loan application, applicants can do everything online.

Pre-qualify for a Personal Loan online

By pre-qualifying for a loan, one can know the approved amount based on their credit history and score. When applicants know the approved amount beforehand, they will not enter a higher amount in the loan application. It will boost the chances of loan approval at the time of application.

 Submit all documents for verification

A lender will not offer a Personal Loan without due diligence. Lenders review the loan application of the applicant to ensure its correctness. Before loan approval, everything requires verification, from ID proofs to bank account statements. Submitting all the documents isn’t enough to get an instant Personal Loan. Applicants must also ensure the correctness of the documents and proofs submitted with the loan application. The loan application will be approved in quick succession if everything is in order.

Check the credit score

People with poor credit scores face issues in acquiring easy Personal Loans. Often, the Personal Loan application gets rejected due to a poor credit score. Individuals having a credit score of 620 and above have greater chances of getting approved. For the same reason, checking the credit score online is necessary before submitting the Personal Loan application to the respective lender. If the credit score isn’t healthy, try clearing past debts and bills.


All the lenders in India don’t offer easy Personal Loans. People looking for quick/urgent Personal Loans should rely on a digital lending platform. Also, a good credit score and a complete loan application will boost the chances of getting approved. However, approval might take some time if any documents are missing in the loan application.

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