What are the pros and cons of Eliminating Cash Bail?

A bail bond is a legal agreement between a court, an accused person, and a bail bondsman, allowing the release of an accused person before trial in exchange for collateral pledged by the bond agent.

 It ensures the defendant appears in court on their appointed date and prevents forfeiture of the bond amount. It also incentivises defendants to return from trial proceedings without fleeing justice.

This article provides the pros and cons of Eliminating Cash Bail.

What Are The Pros of Bail Bonds?

Bail bond companies are essential for those who cannot afford the full bail amount. They operate 24/7 and handle all paperwork for the defendant, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. 

However, it is crucial to choose a reputable company, as some may offer leeway in the approval process. Most bail bond companies maintain a trustworthy reputation. 

Moreover, the defendant may need to find a criminal defence attorney to fight their charges.

 The bail bond allows the defendant to pay a percentage of the bail amount, reducing the financial burden.

 Payment plans may be available, and high-value assets can be used as collateral. 

Discounts may also be available for service members, union employees, and retired individuals.

What Are the Cons of Bail Bonds?

It may seem convenient to use a bail bond, but there are several disadvantages, particularly if you engage with a bail bond firm. Remember that bail bond expenses are never refundable. You cannot recuperate those costs once you send over the 10% of the bail amount to the agent.

 Consider these ties as a payment for your liberty.

You will communicate with a third party when utilising a bail bond agency. You will have to provide the agent with personal information to do that. 

There’s no guarantee that personal information will stay inside the company, even while these organisations take precautions to preserve your privacy and confidentiality.

Lastly, the bail bond agent works for the corporation as an employee. Never consider that you and the agent are personal friends. Getting you to court is their major purpose. The bail bond company guarantees the court that you will show up for all court dates.

If you skip bail, the agency will send a recovery agent to look for you. They will hand you over to the police when you are located. The bail bond business does not wish to lose its investment. Should you fail to appear in court and become untraceable, the company will be required to cover the entire bail cost.

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What are the risks if you don’t show up after bail?

Skipping an appearance results in a bail bond being considered in default, putting the bond at risk. 

Courts send notices to bail bond agencies, and a grace period is given depending on the accused’s case. A bench warrant is issued, and bounty hunters track the accused back to custody. A statutory 90-day grace period allows the accused to turn the bond out of default. Compliance with bail bond terms and court orders is crucial.

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