What Exactly Is Diabetes, and What Are the Different Types?

In today’s world, medical science has seen phenomenal expansion. But despite this, diabetes is still considered a chronic illness. Diabetes can be managed, but the disease will remain in a person’s body until the day they die. This is a well-established fact.

Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy India is a metabolic condition that is caused by high levels of sugar in the blood (glucose). To put it another way, the condition refers to the body’s inability to convert glucose into energy. Following digestion, food is broken down into its component parts: carbs, proteins, and lipids.

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The production of glucose is brought about by these carbs. Glucose is moved into the blood, where it is metabolized to provide energy for the cells. Patients who have diabetes have impaired function of this process, which refers to the transformation of glucose into usable energy. As a direct consequence of this, an elevated amount of glucose is seen in the blood.

The occurrence of this phenomenon in the human body takes place whenever the insulin secretion is disrupted in some way. Insulin is a hormone that is generated by the pancreas and is responsible for regulating the amount of glucose that is present in the human body. In a healthy body, the pancreas will secrete a suitable amount of insulin in response to an increase in glucose levels in the blood in order to keep the glucose level under control.

This insulin transforms glucose into energy that the cell can use, and as a result, it maintains a normal sugar (glucose) level. However, patients diagnosed with diabetes do not have this sort of auto-regulation mechanism occurring in their bodies. One potential cause of hyperglycemia is an inadequate amount of insulin in the body.

Some of the most common symptoms of diabetes are severe thirst and hunger, an increased need to urinate often, and extreme tiredness. According to a number of studies, diabetics have an increased risk of developing heart disease compared to normal persons. Because of this, diabetics need a higher level of attention in their day-to-day activities. Let’s talk about the many kinds of diabetes.


  1. Type 1 Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment India

Diabetes type 1 is often referred to as immune-mediated diabetes or diabetes that develops in adolescents and young adults. This is completely dependent on the amount of insulin that is produced inside the body. Insulin may not be present or may not function properly in a patient who has type 1 diabetes. Diabetes mellitus type 1 is the kind of disease that most often affects children. Patients that fall within this group are required to adhere to stringent dietary and activity regimens. If a patient falls into this category, it is strongly suggested that they get insulin injections from a medical professional.

  1. Type 2 Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment India

Adult-onset diabetes is another term for this subcategory of diabetes. This subtype accounts for 90% of all cases of diabetes among patients. In cases falling into this group, the pancreas produces an adequate amount of insulin. The body, however, does not make use of it in the correct meaning. Diabetes type 2 afflicts mature adults as its primary patient population. One advantage of this kind is that it is very simple to exert control over it. Patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are required to adhere to tough dietary restrictions, rigorous exercise routines, and weight management goals in order to get the upper hand over their condition.

  1. Gestational diabetes mellitus

A diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus is made by the use of an oral glucose tolerance test throughout the pregnancy. GDM returns to normal after delivery, but the mother still has an increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes in the long term. One in every 25 pregnancies throughout the globe has a risk of having such a case. The risk of being obese and having glucose regulation problems is significant.

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