What Is Lactose Unfastened Milk?

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We need absolutely everyone for you to connect to milk moments like those, and Organic Valley Lactose-Free Milk makes it possible to enjoy milk once more for individuals who are lactose illiberal! This extraordinary alternative carries all of the first-class vitamins with no artificial, “processed” flavors or loss of vitamins and nutrients.

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What Is Lactose?

Our bodies want the enzyme lactase to digest lactose, a herbal sugar found best in milk. 

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If your body does now not produce sufficient lactase, you come to be lactose intolerant. Some people take lactase supplements when ingesting dairy products to help damage down lactose already inside the belly, but this isn’t always assured to avoid digestive side effects.

How Does Milk Emerge As Lactose Unfastened?

To take away lactose, we add the lactase enzyme to our top-class, certified natural, pasture-raised milk. After slow blending for 24 hours, enzymes destroy lactose into the easy sugars glucose and galactose, which are less complicated to digest.


We check our lactose-loose milk to make sure that there is no lactose detection, so most people with lactose intolerance can experience Organic Valley Lactose-Free Milk with confidence.

Does Lactose Loose Milk Taste Exceptional From Regular Milk?

Yes, however in a stunning way: The easy sugars in lactose-free milk flavor candy!


If you’ve enjoyed the milk left in your bowl after ingesting gently sweetened cereal, you may understand what lactose-loose milk tastes like. Some people find no distinction between the taste of lactose-loose and ordinary milk, and others discover the lactose-free version even more appealing due to this delivered sweetness.

Can I Use Lactose-Loose Milk In Recipes That Require Normal Milk?

Good News! Lactose-unfastened milk can be utilized in baking and cooking much like normal milk, whether candy or salty. Because lactose-unfastened milk is precisely the same as ordinary milk, besides the breakdown of lactose into easy sugars, Organic Valley lactose-loose milk is a notable alternative to everyday milk in the kitchen.

Is Lactose-Free Milk As Proper For You As Everyday Milk?

Certain! Like normal milk, lactose-free milk offers vitamins A, D, and B12; key nutrients riboflavin and phosphorus; And of the path, calcium for robust bones! These vitamins also are well balanced—for example, the vitamin D in milk helps the frame soak up calcium greater easily. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages children and adults with lactose intolerance to consume lactose-free dairy products because the nutrients observed in milk are so essential.

I Am Allergic To Dairy. Is Lactose-Free Milk Still A Good Choice For Me?

If you’re allergic to dairy, your frame is reacting to the proteins inside the milk, now not the lactose. Lactose-loose milk still contains milk casein and whey protein, so if you have a diagnosed dairy hypersensitive reaction, lactose-free milk will still reason hypersensitivity. If you are touchy about dairy, we suggest consulting your health care provider earlier than consuming lactose-loose milk.

What Kinds Of Lactose Unfastened Dairy Does Organic Valley Produce?

We have an extremely good range of lactose-free options!


Organic Valley’s regular lactose-free milk is to be had in 2%, 1% and browse. Vitamin D3 is brought to lactose-loose whole milk, and all substitutes are made with licensed organic Grade A milk.

Organic Valley Lactose-Free Half & Half, made from natural cream and milk, is easily sold by using the quart and makes the appropriate addition to warm and cold beverages, sweet and savory dishes, gravies, sauces, and more.

Organic Valley Lactose-Free 1% Chocolate Milk is made from organic, Fair Trade Dutch cocoa, and is a brand new low-sugar recipe. No synthetic sweeteners are brought.

Organic Valley Ghee is a first-rate lactose-free alternative to butter! Ghee is a type of clarified butter originating in India this is regularly used for cooking, roasting, and frying. Organic Valley Ghee is lactose-free, casein-unfastened, and shelf-solid.

Organic Valley products are constantly USDA certified organic (which also means non-GMO!) and certified kosher and halal. Please go to Organic Valley’s website at www. Organicvalley.Coop for extra records about our complete range of lactose-unfastened products.

Where Can I Get Lactose Loose Milk?

Go online to Organic Valley’s product locator and use the drop-down menus to see what lactose-loose alternatives are to be had in your area. Organic Valley’s lactose-unfastened products can be located in the dairy section. If your neighborhood shop doesn’t yet have our lactose-free milk, buy dairy from the shop. Tell them you’d like to look at it on their shelves!


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