Where to Put a Dishwasher in Your Kitchen?

Every house’s floor plan including the room layout will vary. Housing societies these days are following a symmetrical pattern for newly built houses. Especially if you take a look at the villas in popular real estate housing projects you will see what the fuss is all about. The exterior of houses might be similar but when it comes to the house interior, homeowners have the chance to make it unique. When it comes to kitchen layout, everyone has a peculiar taste and need for appliances and space. 

Talking about appliances, dishwashers are a major appliance in any kitchen. Most people may not be able to afford it due to the high price but those who can want it installed.

But where? And how?

The kitchen is the perfect choice to install a dishwasher, but still, is it an effective option?

In this blog, we will talk about ways you can install a dishwasher in your kitchen without blocking any work ways.

1- Put it next to sink 

Got a new house in Lahore smart city of Lahore with an exclusive floor layout? Then you are in luck because the kitchen space is spacious enough to fit the dishwasher easily in a kitchen. A professional designer will recommend you to put the dishwasher near the place which makes plumbing easier and least costly.

Based on the behavioral patterns when working in the kitchen, the best spot for the dishwasher is next to the sink. Think about it- people usually follow the scrape, rinse and load method to load a dishwasher. So it means you need trash nearby and on the other side, you need a sink.

2- Pick a side 

If you have decided to place the sink next to the dishwasher, consider the placement too – left or right? There’s no hard and fast rule on where to put the dishwasher but you can decide on the basis of your work.

For instance, a right-handed person holds a dish in their left hand which makes cleaning easier. Loading dishes will be effective too if you position the dishwasher in on the side of the hand you must work with. 

The overall layout of Lahore Smart City houses is designed in a way that you can easily put the dishwasher on the same side of the sink without blocking any view. 

3- Close to drawers 

The sink is usually closer to cabinets with dishes. Sometimes cabinets are right above it. So ensure to keep a dishwasher near drawers or cabinets where you keep flatware, glasses, dishes, cutlery, and so on. 

Keep in mind that appliances are aligned in a way that they make working in the kitchen most functional. 

4- Nearby are other cabinets 

Aim for the maximum distance between the dishwasher and the storage area opposite it. It does not matter how long the distance is, just keep in mind that both need to be on the opposite ends of the kitchen. 

Freedom of movement is important in the kitchen so that you can move around and do your chores rather quickly. That’s why the placement of dishwater near the cabinets matters. You can freely open other cabinets and drawers when in need of work and the dishwasher will not block your way at all. 

5- Moveability 

When planning to utilize kitchen space with a dishwasher, make sure your daily tasks remain uninterrupted. But remember to not position your dishwasher in a location that would block off a main walkway in the kitchen. 

Having appliances or cabinet doors clash is not a good combination. Especially for an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen space is everything so you can move around freely. 

6- Beneath the island counter 

The second best place for a dishwasher is beneath the island counter. Island is the spot where dirty dishes are usually dropped as they come in. Therefore it can be a smart strategy to put the dishwasher in that place. It will let you load dishes quickly as well as take out freshly cleaned dishes too. However it may not be easy to locate a  dishwasher right in the center of the room because of plumbing issues, but if you take help from experts and a plumber, you can plan it properly.

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