YouTube TV Offers Its Subscribers Nine Things

Streaming Sports on YouTube

One of the main motivations for signing up for YouTube TV is sports. Among the sports networks accessible on YouTube TV are four ESPN channels, The Big Ten Network, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, The Tennis Channel, the SEC Network, NESN, and the Olympic channel.

YouTube TV recently unveiled its sports plus package to enhance the viewing of sports even more. It is an add-on service with an even better selection of sports channels for just $11 per month. However, YT TV won’t have the YES network or the Fox Channel for local sports for new subscribers.

Test YouTube TV for Free

Get the youtube tv promo code to take advantage of a free trial. By creating a new Google account, you can select the seven-day free trial. Use the free trial that you will receive once per account.

Vimeo Cloud DVR

Among the many features included with YouTube TV, cloud DVR stands out. Even though the majority of live TV streaming services now offer this feature, Google offers a more natural experience by allowing you to record as much video as you want for up to nine months without being constrained by storage limits like most of its rivals do.

Additionally, keep in mind that most competing services charge extra for more storage. So, if you enjoy gathering shows to record and watch later, YouTube TV makes sense. Although not all recordings might support ad skipping. Recently, the DVR function was enhanced to enable independent of network stop, rewind, and fast forward through all recorded episodes.

Streaming programmes

You might have just learned about this peculiar feature for the first time. You have the option to watch your preferred content on demand thanks to the channels that come with YouTube TV. By doing this, you can watch all the previous seasons or episodes of your favourite show. The proper way to access content that was broadcast before you subscribed to this fantastic service.

Voice command

They offer a nice feature if you use a Chromecast device to watch YouTube TV and have a Google Home speaker, like the Google Nest Mini. With just your voice, you can control functions like selecting a live TV station, starting specific programmes, recording a show, and using playback options like pause, resume, and rewind.

Image within Image

One of the features that YouTube users adore the most is the picture-in-picture motion. While you are having fun or finishing other tasks, you can watch your favourite content on a tiny screen. The only limitation is that iOS versions older than iOS 14 do not support this feature.

Particular Time

You can jump around between different sections of some YouTube TV newscasts using this feature. On some shows, you can jump to specific news segments within the entire recording, much like you can see important plays in sports. Currently available on applications, this functionality will soon be accessible on mobile devices as well.

gloomy tone

YouTube does have a dark mode for those late-night movie streaming sessions under the covers or for watching movie highlights without upsetting your mother. This mode not only offers privacy or hidden streaming, but it also guards against nighttime eye strain.

YouTube TV vs. Rivals

Why all the fuss about YouTube TV? You can watch live TV without ever calling your cable company thanks to it. The reason people like it is that they can watch and record live television without having to pay for 1,000 channels they’ll never watch.

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All of this is available for a much lower price than cable. Although it wasn’t the first, YouTube TV has embraced the cord-cutting craze. Both PlayStation Vie and Sling were available before YouTube TV, but neither provided a superior experience. Thay has had achievement in this regard. Since its inception, it has been offering a superior experience, and over 4 million people have joined as a result.

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The real point here is that despite complaints about the high price and frequent comparisons of YouTube to Netflix and HBO Max, the comparison doesn’t seem to be accurate. YouTube TV provides what Netflix and other platforms also offer and is a Cable TV service (without the cord). Because everything is arranged according to channel, it is comparable to cable. Additionally, accessing it will require a monthly subscription fee. The ability to watch episodes whenever and wherever you want is the only difference.

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