6 Easy Steps to Clean Out Your Garage

You are probably thinking about ways to make your home ready for the new season. Besides changing your bedding and decorations, the most important thing on your list would be to clean out the garage.

If your garage is overcrowded with items and dust, then you may be frustrated on where to start cleaning. With planning, you can tackle even the most difficult room and make space for new items as well.

Here are some easy steps to help you clean out the garage and organize the items. 

Access Your Items

Before you start throwing away things, it’s important to take a few minutes and assess what you have and what things you need to get rid of. Sort out your holiday decorations in one place that can be reused. 

See if you have any sports equipment that your kids have outgrown. There could be piles of things in the garage that are no longer in use. After sorting it out, you need to decide what goes and what stays. 

Deep Clean the Space 

Once you have sorted out the items, it’s to give your garage a deep clean. After cleaning, you will be able to see all the space that you have. 

Start by sweeping and mopping the floors using disinfectants. Then wipe down all the surfaces using a cloth and wash any dirty windows. Use a dusting cloth to wipe any high corners as well. 

Rent a dumpster 

If you have a lot of large items that you need to get rid of then it’s best to rent a dumpster. You can easily remove unused furniture or appliances that are lying around in your garage for a long time. 

Hiring a dumpster will save you countless trips to the dump and make the process much easier and less stressful. Make sure to call a well-known dumpster company in advance since they tend to get booked fast. 

Donate Unused Items

In some cases, what you think of as trash could be used by someone who thinks that it is reusable and needs it. Before you start throwing things, see if there is anything that someone else can use. 

If you have moderately used furniture or appliances, then consider donating them as many people are looking for used and cheap items on websites like Freecycle.

Organize the Items

After donating some items and throwing away useless ones, you can finally start to organize what’s left behind. You could invest in shelving units so that everything can have a place and can be easily accessed when needed. 

Buy storage containers online to store seasonal items that are not used frequently. It will help keep your garage organized and have more space to move around. Make sure to label the containers so you know what’s inside them.

Install Shelves and Pegboards

One great way to store your gardening and other tools is to install pegboards. You could even hand up bicycles to save space on the floor. 

It’s an excellent way to make use of the wall space. You can hang up many things on the pegboard to keep the garage clean and clutter-free. 

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