How Does A Swamp Cooler Work?

Did you ever travel to a high-humidity area? You might have noticed your hair curling and skin softening, but you also felt sweatier. Evaporative cool is when your body uses the moisture found in the air to make it sweat. This principle applies to flood coolers. Swamp cooling is common in hot, dry places with less humidity. But how does a Swamp Cooler work? These animations will give an overview of what happens in a machine that keeps you warm during summer.

Are you getting ready for winter? What is a swamp cooler, and how do you prepare your swamp cooler in the colder months?

The swamp cooler cools the air with moisture. A swamp conditioner (also known as an evaporative accessor) cools the air by circulating warm outside air through moist evaporative chiller pads. The cool air is then blown into the home through a ventilator by a motor. The diagram below shows the main components and functions of a swamp cooler.

The Parts of an Evaporative Cooler:

Water Supply Valve

This valve is located inside your house, near the water heater’s connection to your plumbing. A copper tub connects this valve to your swamp cooler. It pumps water into your swamp cooler. The swamp cooler won’t function without this valve.

You will find the evaporative cooling float at the bottom. The float lifts onto the swamp cooler water when it reaches a certain temperature. If this float fails to work, the swamp cooler may not function or may overflow.

The bottom of this unit houses the Pump that cools the swamp. It pumps the water through water distribution to keep the evaporative plates hydrated.

Evaporative Pads

The swamp cooler is lined with evaporative pads. They must be properly wetted to allow the swamp cooler to work. It is important to clean and cool off the air.

Blowers and Blower Motor

The blower motor powers the blower. It draws cool air into the conduit work and forces it to exit a home. Cooling the air is achieved by cooling the room.

How Does A Swamp Cooler Work?

A swamp cooler is a device that cools the air inside your home. It has four main steps. These four steps are:

Water Supply Valve Introduces Water into Bottom of Swamp Cooler

When the swamp coolant dial is turned to “on,” the water supply valve releases water into your swamp cooler. The water continues trickling into the swamp cooler until the float on the top reaches a set level. This signals the water supply to shut off.

Water Is Brought To the Evaporative Cooler Pads by the Pump

Once enough water is in the bottom, the Pump pulls water through water distribution lines. These water distribution cables are located at each end of the evaporative cooler and allow water to be poured through. If the homeowner feels the air isn’t cool enough, the swamp cooler can be turned into a “pump” to pump more water into the evaporative plates.

Warm Air Is Pulled Through Evaporative Cooler Pads

Once the pads are wet, the motor draws warm air into swamp coolers through the pads. The pads heat up, and then the moist air cools them. This is called an evaporative cooler. This works the same way when exercising. First, you sweat. Then, a fan blows on you, cooling down your skin.

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