Most people lay their loved ones to rest without planting a headstone over their cemetery grave. That’s not really a good way to bid someone special goodbye.  Here are some reasons why you need to buy a headstone for your loved one’s funeral.

1. Grave marking identification: Finding your grandma’s grave in a cemetery or a graveyard is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But with a perfectly carved headstone NYC hanging over her grave, you can quickly identify which is hers.

2.  Symbolization: Did your loved one utter a few final phrases earlier than passing on? Did they have got a few loss of life wishes? Did they encompass some standards, beliefs, or notions in their lifetime? A headstone is a manner to carve their phrases/beliefs in stones.

3. Lasting remembrance: Gravestone memorials serve as enduring markers of remembrance following the passing of an individual.

4. Memory preservation: Gravestones are a way to ensure that someone is remembered for generations to come

5. A representation of personality: Say your dad is an affluent person in the society while alive; you may want his grave to reflect this, too. A good way to ensure that is to plant a bronze memorial headstone over his head instead of the regular granite headstone like everyone else.

6. Set a tone of peace: Catholic headstones can help create an atmosphere of peace, love, and joy around the grave of a loved one. 

Like a headstone, a footstone marks a person’s final resting place. Most people assume that headstones are the most popular choice of grave marker. But footstones for graves might be more prevalent than you’d expect.


It is important that when you lose your loved one, the most appropriate memorial you can make for them is by getting them a good tombstone. You would want an everlasting tombstone that is resistant to weathering. This serves as a token of love, conveying the love you have for the deceased and also as  a tool of identification to differentiate them from others buried in the cemetery. 

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