How VPS Hosting in India Can Increase Your Website Traffic?


Nowadays in India, there is a lot of competition on the online platform, so you must have your website to generate high traffic to your website organically, leading to more sales and business growth. Therefore, to overcome this, you must pick VPS hosting for your website to easily control the high traffic without affecting the network uptime. 

You may wonder why you should choose a VPS server rather than a shared or dedicated hosting. The reason is VPS hosting is much more powerful than shared hosting and on the other hand it is also cheaper than dedicated hosting consisting of similar features. 

In this article, you will learn how VPS hosting in India can increase your website traffic and grow your business faster. 

What Does VPS Hosting in India Mean?

VPS hosting is where a user hosts his website on a virtual private server.  A web hosting company uses virtualized technology to divide physical servers into many Virtual servers with the help of a hypervisor. So, on these servers, your website’s data is stored and the whole website is run. 

A VPS server is just like having our own private server. This means you get a whole server just like a dedicated server and no noisy neighbors can affect your network uptime like that of shared hosting. 

How Does VPS Hosting in India Work?

A Virtual Private server uses a parent physical server that is divided into different servers using software known as the hypervisor. The hypervisor separates these servers from each other offering the user its private server. In this way, the user gets the freedom to install his operating system and host his website in a private and secure environment. 

Since your VPS server India also has its dedicated IP so the hypervisor assigns it and your hosting support then installs the operating system. In this way, you are delivered with the best working VPS India server. 

Reasons How VPS Hosting Can Boost Your Websites’ Traffic

  1. It comes with High-performance resources

A VPS Server comes with modern and flexible dedicated resources that are capable of increasing your website loading speed. Normally 2-3 seconds is considered to be the best loading time but if it takes more than 3 seconds then the user goes back to the search page looking for another website. This increases your bounce rate and decreases the conversion rate. 

  1. Delivers You With Quality Uptime

A VPS server delivers a high uptime network facility as compared to shared hosting. Uptime is very important because it measures the system’s reliability and stability which increases the chances of getting more traffic and page views of your website. 

For instance, Serverwala Cloud Data centers offer 99.90% high uptime networks for smoother and faster network performance. 

  1. Higher Bandwidth Gives You Better Data Transfers

VPS hosting in India gives you higher bandwidth so that you can experience better data transfers. The larger the bandwidth the larger the data will be allowed to be transmitted. 

If the bandwidth of the website is not up to the mark or not responsive to the user experience then it may create a negative image of the business. 

Every VPS hosting provider in India gives different bandwidth limits with their plans and packages. So, it depends on the user 

  1. Gives You a Higher Level of Security

Since data security is a big concern nowadays for growing businesses. Therefore, VPS India servers are packed with DDoS security layers that safeguard your private data from malware. In shared hosting, you do not get the best level of data protection because many websites are hosted on a single server. 

Also, the regular data back feature allows you to recover the data in case of any issues. 

Pick Serverwala’s VPS Hosting in India For More Lead Generation

Serverwala Cloud Data Centers offer world-class VPS hosting solutions. Their data centers are located all around the Globe giving you the best in class performance. Serverwala’s VPS plans come with a 99.90 percent high uptime with a 1 Gbps of network speed that can effortlessly reduce your website’s loading time. 

Moreover, the company provides highly scalable resources so that you can enhance your website performance and get unmatched results. With these exciting features, Serverwala offers 24×7 customer support services to its customers in addition with 7 days credit back guarantee which creates a remarkable image in the web hosting industry. 


In this competitive world of online selling, you can also fit your online business in the market by just picking the right web hosting solution just like VPS hosting in India. Therefore, if you are starting an online business with the intent that it would gain a boom shortly then you should choose VPS hosting that will benefit you in many ways.

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