A few peak Silicone Mermaid Tail Makers in 2022

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Purchasing a silicone mermaid tail is a huge investment. There is plenty you need to be familiar with about them to make an accurate choice. Once you are familiar with the fundamentals about how to opt for a mermaid tail, there are still several opportunities for which mermaid tail maker to want from.

While this list is pretty broad, be sure to do your personal research too. We suggest checking out the entire tail producer on social media to get a sense of their style. It’s also a high-quality idea to get in touch with some mermaids with tails from tail makers you’re paying attention to find out about their know-how.

In this article, we scheduled all the main mermaid tail makers and a few smaller ones too.

1. AquaMermaid 

Regarding the company: AquaMermaid is in progress as a mermaid swimming school series. Marielle, the initiator, had a dilemma finding tails that stood up to the exact tests trainee mermaids put the tails all the way through, so she planned her own brand of material tails. Later on, she amalgamated with a limited designer in Montreal and started making her dream silicone tail design.

Founder: Marielle Chartier

Price: starting at $1350 for silicone tail, $675 for hybrid silicone/neoprene tail

Style: authentic details as well as rays & nerves on an extra-large coincidence. 1 round scale mold and 2 fluke design options with a smashed or smooth contour. 

Unique features: Tails were intended for the traveling mermaid with little monofin and stretchy fluke. Effortlessly foldable in a suitcase. Reasonable price and short rotation time. Silicone is resistant to power mesh. 

Color and effects: All colors offered, beading brilliance, iridescence, ascent, and airbrush pigment is brought together inside the silicone (no peeling paint). 

Monofin: AquaMermaid monofin 

Material: 100% of dragon skin silicone

Made in: Canada (Quebec) since 2015.

Warranty: 1-year restricted warranty for mechanized defects. The customer must pay the shipping fees.  

Famous mermaids with this tail: Penelope Cruz, Mermaid Marielle, Oikos yogurt commercials.

2. Mertailor 

About the company: The initiator, Eric, dreamed of being a merman when he first witnessed a mermaid swimming at Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida. He’s been manufacturing tails his entire life from a range of materials. He says “I won’t stop unless my tails look as genuine as the fish swimming in our deep-sea reefs.  I would like to make my tails accessible to every aspiring mermaid and merman who reverie of life in the sea just as I do”. Reasonably priced line of sensible-looking silicone mermaid tails. Several fluke designs to choose from.

Founder: Eric Durcharme

Price point: Spellbound tails start at $1350

exclusive features: Eliminated the need for an additional monofin by using a solo pour silicone monofin that is assembled into the tail. No 3rd party incorporated monofin is required. 

Style: lifelike bright & tropical, or masculine & dark options. 1 level pattern is available with complicated detail & length. 8 fluke shaping opportunity.

Color and effects: Simple to complex -your design/our explanation can be considered just for you. Colors are custom mixed together, and color-shifting & glitter coat accents are available.

Material: silicone with scuba knit lining

Manufacturing time: 26-30 weeks

Made in: USA (Florida) since 2003. 

Warranty: 30 days 

Famous mermaids with this tail: Lady Gaga, Recording Artist Kerli, T-Pain, Disney, SNL, Queens of Ru-Pauls Drag Race, Germany’s Next Top Model, “Scales” the movie, Merman Eric, numerous TV and commercial appearances.

3. Mernation 

As regards the company: Erin worked as a lunge master at Florida Aquarium in Tampa and industrial their mermaid agenda. Accompanied by Michael, they cofounded Mernation and start in on making silicone tails. Offer a completely customizable color & plan, several fluke preference, and range patterns. 

Founder: Erin Gallagher

Price: Starting at $1000

Monofin: opt among a Finis Wave or Rapid monofin

Style: characteristic mermaid designs or fully modified, made with dragon skin silicone. 

8 special fluke shape designs are presently available. Flukes can be customized upon request. Tradition sculpts are available. 

Scale options (round, scalloped, plated) or smooth skin (like a dolphin) are also available. 

Color and effects: Unlimited customization, color-shifting pigments, plan, further fins, glitter, etc. 

Unique features: Thick durable waist, knees, and heels. Drainage declares in all flukes. 

Manufacturing time: 3-10 weeks

Made in: Florida, USA since 2013

Famous mermaids with this tail: Magic crafter, Siren TV show live events, Budweiser, Kanye West, Lifetime TV, Missed Clothing Outfitters, various aquariums, various cruise ships  

Contact: themernation@gmail.com

Website: www.themernation.com

4. Merrowfins  

Concerning the company:MerrowFins is a company focus on underwater prosthetics, especially, completely useful mermaid and merman tails, for children and adults”

 Founder: Matthew Quijano

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Price: Basic starting from $600, Partial Silicone starting from $1000, Full Silicone starting from $2700

Unique features: Tails were planned for the traveling mermaid/merman with small monofin and stretchy fluke. 

Monofin: monofin is a polyurethane plastic made to curve and is comparatively small but authoritative that is meant to present propulsion.

Style: hyper-realistic range design, fluke designs from typical to unusual to exclusive & customized. Opportunity for person scales with no sideline of stitching

Made in: USA (Florida)

Manufacturing time: 24 weeks

Famous mermaids with this tail:

Contact: merrowfins@gmail.com

Website: www.merrowmermaids.com

5. Mermaid Amatheia 

About the brand: Their task is to “make custom mermaid tails that reputation the natural beauty of water life across the globe. Additionally to making tails, they support a healthy water environment. Every tail is unique and motivation can be draw from a few fish or marine life. 

Founder: Amanda Eccleston

Price: Starting at $1900 ($2500 CAD)

Style: numerous fluke shapes to decide from, supersensible individual scales with no side seam.

Unique features: Easy to use and well plan website with a convention color chart so it’s simple to correspond to your design vision

Made in: British Columbia, Canada

Famous mermaids with this tail: Mermaid Quintessence, Mermaid Lunasea

Contact: splash@amatheiatails.ca

Website: www.amatheiatails.ca

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