Rising Usage of RO Filters to Lead Market in Upcoming Years

The population in the U.S. is turning to be more health-aware and has turned to consistent drinking habits to sustain the proper functioning of important systems. The growing implementation of health apps assisting to control the proper drinking habits on the dominating app stores is a verification of this trend.

The U.S. water purifier industry size was USD 5.85 billion in 2021. The market is projected to grow from USD 6.12 billion in 2022 to USD 9.10 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 5.8% during the 2022-2029 period.

Consumer Consciousness about Clean Drinking Water to Affirmatively Spur

While the complete U.S. was not under strict lockdown guidelines amid the pandemic, various areas in this country had restrained the mobility of people and transportation of materials. As the water purification industry is a labor-based one, the pandemic led to an adverse supply chain disturbance. As numerous companies import filters from the Asian countries, an insufficiency of material, coupled with an absence of manpower owing to health problems was observed across the country. Numerous companies were not able to accomplish the prevailing orders in time on account of logistic disappointments.

The report offers a rounded review of the U.S. water purifier market share, size, and growth factors combined with present trends and upcoming predictions to inaugurate nearby investment gains. An extensive review of any impending prospects, pressures, rivals or fueling factors is also mentioned in the report. The COVID-19 influences have been added to the report to assist investors and entrepreneurs to comprehend the jeopardies better. The prime companies operating in the market are acknowledged, and their approaches to boost the market growth are disclosed in the report.

Based on product type, the market is segmented into point-of-use filters and point-of-entry filters.

On the basis of category, the market is segmented as RO filter, UV filter, Gravity filter, and others. All these categories are traded in offline and online distribution channels in the U.S. Among these, in 2021, RO filters held majority share in the market.

The market is bifurcated as residential and commercial based on application.

Based on the distribution channel, the market is segmented as offline stores and online stores.

Various Benefits of Water Purification Devices to Fuel Market Growth

The basic purpose of water purification products is to eradicate dangerous viruses, bacteria, and other impurities and make the water suitable for drinking as well as for other domestic applications. According to a report published by WHO, a part of the total globe’s population is estimated to live in water-restricted zones by 2025. Therefore it has become important for water purification products to make the majority imaginable usage of water resources. Contaminated water is a chief source of waterborne illnesses comprising cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and diarrhea. The WHO predicts that consuming contaminated water triggers diarrhea, leading to about 500,000 deaths per year. This is expected to bolster the U.S. water purifier market growth.

Groundbreaking Product Presentations by Crucial Players to Spur Market Growth

The chief players implement numerous tactics to bolster their position in the market as dominating companies. One such pivotal approach is procuring companies to boost the brand value among users. Another effective tactic is intermittently launching inventive products with a methodical review of the market and its target audience.

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