A Guide To The Different Types Of Drawer Slides

Cabinets, chests of drawers, and other kinds of furniture typically include drawer slides as an integral part of their construction. A piece of furniture will have at least one slide if it has any drawers, regardless of how many drawers it contains. One of the components that make it possible for a drawer to be moved into and out of the piece of furniture in which it is mounted is called a drawer slide. Every drawer is attached to a set of slides in some way. When a drawer is opened, it will move along these slides as it is pulled open. Even though every drawer slide operates in the same way, you may choose from several various designs for these components.

Center-Mounted Drawer Slides

How they are attached to the drawer is what gives center-mounted drawer slides their name. They are attached to the underside of the drawers in the middle position. When a drawer is removed from the piece of furniture in which it is installed, the center-mounted drawer slides are found just below the drawer in the middle of the piece of furniture. Because they are installed in the middle of drawers, people refer to these slides as “center-mounted drawer slides.”

Under-Mounted Drawer Slides

There are two types of drawer slides: those that are positioned in the middle and those that are mounted underneath the drawer. Slides for drawers that are mounted underneath can be seen on the sides. They are installed on the underside of the drawers to which they are attached, similar to how center-mounted drawer slides are mounted. The distinction between these two types of slides is that center-mounted drawer slides are situated in the middle of the drawers, whilst under-mounted drawer slides are situated on the sides of the drawers. Both types of drawer slides are attached to the underside of the drawers, however only the under-mounted variety may be found on the sides of the drawers.

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Ball-bearing slides are among the most popular kinds of drawer runners available. The usage of ball bearings is what distinguishes ball-bearing drawer slides from other types of drawer slides, as suggested by the name. They incorporate little metal balls within the rails, which minimize friction and, as a result, make it easier for drawers to open and close. Drawer slides with ball bearings can either move in one direction or both directions. Ball bearings may be found inside the rails of every one of them.

It is essential to remember that ball-bearing drawer slides can be categorized as either center mounted or under-mounted, and the location of the slides within the drawer determines this distinction. Drawer slides that are center-mounted and include ball bearings are intended for installation in the middle of the drawers. On the other hand, under-mounted drawer slides are designed to be installed on the face frames of the drawers themselves.

There is a huge variety of choices when it comes to drawer slides. Ball bearings, center-mounted bearings, and under-mounted bearings are some of the most often encountered varieties. If you are interested in purchasing new drawer slides, you must select the appropriate kind. Both the center-mounted and under-mounted drawer slides that are available in ball bearing types are necessary for use in a variety of applications. Some of these applications call for the use of ball-bearing slides with center-mounted drawers.

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